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    by MrGlobalMarketing

    81 views Countdown To 2012
    "Every Major Source of Knowledge, From Einstein to NASA to Worldwide Religions…
    They ALL AGREE THAT…” In 2012, something huge will happen. But… what?

    In 2012 Contact, I want to teach you: Why the ancient Mayan civilization was more advanced 3000 years ago then we are today, and how they developed the perfect calendar, predicting the EXACT times our planet would reset. But what exactly will reset… our planet... or us?

    The factual truth about why the calendar that we’ve been using since the dawn of time is so imprecise and wrong, that humans would have been better off counting down the days, months, years and centuries on our fingers and toes. Countdown to 2012

    What the MOST important resources will be in the New World… No one will care about paper money when survivors are starving for these new resources. No, not just food, either…
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