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    Bomb target worshippers return to synagogue


    by ODN


    Jewish worshippers in Chicago's North Side district have been reflecting on the possibility they had been targeted in a sophisticated bomb plot which was uncovered on Friday, apparently following a tip-off from Saudi Arabian intelligence sources.

    Two explosive devices were discovered in air freight cargo from Yemen, addressed to North Side synagogues.

    In Chicago, the leader of a North Side synagogue told members of his congregation at weekend services that a smaller congregation which uses their building was one of the targets of the plot.

    Rabbi Michael Zedek of Emanuel Congregation said he had been told by a Jewish community leader that the smaller Chadash congregation was one of the targets. The FBI did not confirm that, and both Zedek and Chadash Rabbi Larry Edwards said they had not spoken to law enforcement.

    At Emanuel, Sabbath morning services went on as usual. Emanuel Congregation member Shifra Werch said the threats were disheartening but not surprising.

    She said: "The reaction is not to fear or to stop what you're doing but to love more, to not be a hater. They win if you start doing that. What they want is dissent and fear."