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    Plane bomb suspect arrested


    by ODN


    A huge anti-terror probe into the cargo plane bomb plot has intensified after the arrest of a suspect in Yemen.

    The suspect arrested has been named as Hanan al Samawi, a 22-year-old engineering student. She was detained alongside her mother after being traced by a receipt for the packages.

    Meanwhile, US counter-terrorism chief John Brennan said he believes the same person made the parcel bomb and underwear device found on Christmas day as an international investigation continues on both sides of the atalntic.

    Prime Minister David Cameron said the explosive device found on a US-bound flight at East Midlands Airport was designed to blow a jet out of the sky - possibly over Britain.

    Explosives hidden in printer cartridges were found on cargo planes in the UK and Dubai on Friday, sparking a huge search for other devices.

    The two discoveries originated in Yemen, a key front in the fight against terrorism, and are believed to have contained the powerful explosive PETN.

    Mr Cameron said of the British find: "There is no early evidence it was designed to take place over British soil, but of course we cannot rule that out."

    Home Secretary Theresa May has pledged to review air freight security following the terror incident.