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    Scotch Corporation - Instant power Toilet Bowl restorer

    Mark Neace

    by Mark Neace

    Instant Power® Toilet Bowl Restorer™, is a super-strength product that cleans and restores your toilet bowl so it will look and flush like new!

    Instant Power Toilet Bowl Restorer instantly removes all stains and discolorations that are caused by rust, lime and other mineral deposits from inside the toilet bowl and clogged flush holes.

    Instant Power Toilet Bowl Restorer is easy to use to clear clogged flush holes. Simply saturate your toilet brush and wipe under the rim of the bowl forcing Toilet Bowl Restorer into the flush holes.

    Once Toilet Bowl Restorer is applied to the flush holes, it begins breaking down the minerals and deposits clogging the flush holes. After 15 minutes flush to clear the toilet bowl and flush holes. Before storing, rinse the brush with fresh water. When the flush holes are cleared reservoir tank water will enter the bowl faster with the power needed to eliminate the need to re-flush. Use Toilet Bowl Restorer regularly to prevent the build-up of stains and deposits in your toilet bowl.

    Scotch Corporation offers you a toll-free help line (800-613-4242) from 9-5 Monday thru Friday and a 100 percent money-back, satisfaction guarantee with all products. Visit our website, for more information about Instant Power® Toilet Bowl Restorer™ and other Instant Power® cleaning products.