LF Night 40 6


by Diddididi

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am so scared to watch this but i must, ocd wouldnt let me skip it, lol here we go and i gree with what every one had said,
By kitcats 4 years ago
Can't believe she lied like this! & soooo pissed off that John James is out there with her when Josie had the guts to tell him that very day how she felt...John James, this is one of those times you are being an idiot!
By kellyw123 4 years ago
smug look at 03:45 ugghh
By resther 4 years ago
Is this the convo where John asks keeva if she thinks he's in denial? xx :)
By ummyluvs 4 years ago
Keeva on 2 occassions told Josie she fancied John, on several occassions Josie told Keeva that she had deep feelings for John. That makes Keeva a LIAR.WHAT IS WORSE IS SHE IS NOW BAD MOUTHING JOSIE TO JOHN. She does this again in the bed with John on the night before she walks saying I know who would be pleased if I go Josie, Keeley hears this and has a go at Keeva. I know I went a bit wild, you have a biyfriend you proposed to and then after 2 glasses of wine chase John with your tits out and then ask him to get in your bed and tell him you will look after him. Then you say you have done nothing wron. Sorry rant over
By motiondailyomg 4 years ago
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