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    Blast Injures 23 in Tamil Nadu, India


    by NTDTelevision

    Locals in one town in India’s Tamil Nadu were caught off guard as an explosive went off near a bus stop. 23 people were injured and sent to the hospital.

    A bomb exploded near a bus stop in a town in Tamil Nadu on Monday, critically injuring 23 people.

    It happened after a tractor ran over a bag containing a homemade bomb.

    [Nagamanickam, Witness]: (male, Tamil)
    "All of a sudden there was a big bang as a tractor passed by the bus stand. Ladies and children were gravely injured, and they were rushed to the hospital in an ambulance."

    [Nagamani, Witness]: (female, Tamil)
    "We were waiting for the bus when we heard a loud sound and saw smoke all over the place. Many were hurt and rushed to the hospital, some to Coimbatore. I learned that around 23 people have been injured."

    One victim was badly wounded in the eye.

    [Thirumathaal, Victim]: (female, Tamil)
    "There was blood all over. Yes, I am hurt in the eye and was rushed to Coimbatore Hospital while others were sent to Udmalpet Hospital. Doctors have said another lady also injured in her eye."

    Investigations for who’s responsible are underway.