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    Shoe Thrown at Former Australian Prime Minister


    by NTDTelevision

    It was a close call for former Australian prime minister John Howard. While appearing on a live TV show, an audience member threw a shoe at the former head of state... fueled by anger over Australia's military involvement in Iraq.

    Australia's former prime minister, John Howard, was already getting a grilling on this live TV show over the nation's involvement in the war in Iraq.

    Audience member Peter Gray had asked him to defend his decision for Australia to join the conflict.

    Gray appears to have been less than satisfied with the response.

    The scene is reminiscent of the infamous news conference where then-U.S. President George Bush was the target.

    In this latest example of the genre Gray hurled both his shoes at his intended victim, neither of which found their mark.

    Gray is ushered from the studio by staff.

    Howard appears to be shrugging off the incident during ABC's Q & A show.

    But Australia's AAP news agency said later Gray was under fire from critics over his half-hearted shoe-throwing technique.

    He's quoted as saying he didn't want to harm the former prime minister but simply make his point.