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    A verdade é doado. Todo o mundo di Filmbay é o sitio máis romántico de sempre. Eu amo as mulleres, homes, nenas nenos. Ademais, é a última ferramenta de rede social. Coñecer novos amigos e seguir outros. Cover Sets Communication with the Trinity Telling the Truth, Art Department Tactical Strategy Handling Changes Vendors Contents The Art Direction Handbook for Film Minding the Budget Keeping a Chronicle Protecting the Crew, Post-Production Finishing Up Archiving Wrapping the Art Department Wrapping Hero Sets Re-shoots Sequels Landing the Next Job or Taking a Vacation Chapter Networking and Self-Promotion, Interviewing, The Networking Process Gae Buckley Phil Dagort Steve Saklad Christa Munro Linda Berger, Paying Dues, FAQS Chapter Non-Union vs. Union Status, Making the Grade or Not, Designing Indie Films,