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    Dev Patel's mobile movie is released


    by ODN


    No longer are mobile phones simply for texting and calling, you can even shoot films on them as Dev Patel has proved.

    The Slumdog Millionaire actor stars in a new short film shot entirely on a mobile. He appears alongside Gossip Girl favourite Ed Westwick and Baywatch legend Pamela Anderson.

    The Commuter is an action-comedy and was filmed on the HD camera of the Nokia N8 Smartphone.

    Westwick did not miss the huge cameras he is used to on set, he said: "To try and not focus on the larger cameras to then have something that's the size of a phone, it's fantastic."

    Ed returned to the UK from the US to shoot the short movie. He is currently in America working on Gossip Girl. Dev Patel's next big project is the film-adaptation of E4 series Skins, which will see him reprise his role of Anwar.