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    SHAM027 - The New Barbarians


    by cultlabs

    The year is 2019 and a nuclear war has reduced humanity to small groups of starving survivors. Living in makeshift hamlets, these defenceless communities have become the prey of a band of psychotic sadists known as the Templars, who intend to purge the earth by exterminating what is left of the human race. The only hope for the survivors lies with a former Templar, known as Scorpion, and his band of allies who are prepared to fight the Templars in one final action-filled showdown.

    Special Features: Anamorphic widescreen presentation; director Enzo G. Castellari's introduction of his films; Shameless Fact Track by Paul Alaoui; international trailer; The Argent Trailer Park -- Nuns, Cowboys and Heroes.

    The New Barbarians will be released on DVD by Shameless Screen Entertainment on 8 November 2010.