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    Diver uses camera to fend off shark


    by ODN


    A scuba diver who came face-to-teeth with a shark used a camera to fend off the animal when it came at him - and he has the frightening video to prove it.

    Scott MacNichol, 30, was shaken up but uninjured after a porbeagle shark apparently mistook his camera equipment for food.

    MacNichol was diving near Eastport, off the eastern tip of Maine. He estimated the shark was 8ft long and weighed about 300 pounds.

    MacNichol saw the shark swimming above him while he was filming the ocean floor under empty salmon pens.

    The animal then came at him, jabbing at the camera with its snout. In the video, its sharp teeth fill the frame before it swims off.

    MacNichol said he was petrified at the animal's behaviour and screamed underwater.

    Porbeagles are coldwater sharks that have a similar body shape and tail to great white sharks.