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    LeadNet Pro- 3 part marketing system-

    Bob Ullman

    by Bob Ullman

    75 views Bob Ullman 603-888-7788 This is the newest entry into phone broadcasting and I feel it's the best. It includes a phone Broadcast system, Lead Extractor and Bulk emailer. At 1,8cents a minute with 6 secind billing it's als the least expensive. The customer support is superb and the Lead Extractor is amazing, 30 seconds for the average search. You can also reach out easily with the Bulk emailer that works just as promise. There is also free ttraining on the use of the products with the recordings in the back office. The price at $397 is amazing and you earn $300 as an affiliate after passing 1 up. Call me to get started and benefit by my expertise in Phone Broadcasting