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    Jedward get BAA apology


    by ODN


    Airport operator BAA apologised to X Factor duo Jedward today following complaints concerning members of their staff at Heathrow airport.

    Brothers John and Edward Grime claim they have repeatedly become mocked and victimised by some security workers at the capital's main airport.

    As part of boarding procedures, plane passengers have to undergo regular security checks, but the twins say some of the screenings they had been asked to do were simply for the amusement of security staff.

    In one incident, witnessed by the boys' tour manager Liam McKenna, Edward was allegedly asked to take off his trousers and a leg brace, which he wears because of a broken ankle.

    A BAA spokesperson has meanwhile apologised to Jedward, stating: "We were deeply disappointed to learn of the Grimes' experience and have apologised to them. We have spoken to the staff members concerned."