Hayv Kahraman - Pins and Needles


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Oct. 27 - December 1st at Third Line, Dubai

Iraqi artist Hayv Kahraman's highly graphic drawings depict the ravaging effects of war, which always affect women the hardest.
Using Sumi ink on brown paper, Hayv's wide stylistic references range from Japanese and Arabic calligraphy art nouveau, Persian miniature and Greek iconography.

Her impeccable illustrative renderings create stunning but also unsettling, minutely detailed images which prevent us from looking away from tragedies such as rape and honour killings, forcing us to reflect on things that we would otherwise refuse to see.

Of late, Kahraman has moved on to work in a larger scale and on canvas, painting flat patterned areas contrasted with expressionless faces, highly rendered in Renaissance inspired techniques. The artist has turned her attention to more mundane forms of oppression in a series of works focused on the ways women are percieved in society.

Artists Homepage: http://hayvkahraman.com/
Third Line Gallery: http://www.thethirdline.com/

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