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    Israel clashes ahead of right-wing march


    by ODN


    Tension has spilled over in northern Israel as security forces clashed with ultra-nationalist Jewish demonstrators.

    It was ahead of a planned march in the Arab Israeli town of Umm el-Fahm.

    Some 1,500 police and paramilitary border are deployed in the town, which has seen standoffs in the past.

    Speaking before the clashes, one of the organisers, Baruch Marzel, said: "We have there a cancer of the Islamic movement that wants to destroy the state of Israel and join Hezbollah and Hamas with their efforts to destroy Israel from the inside, and we want to protest that the government will outlaw the Islamic movement."

    When Marzel and his group held a similar march in one of Israel's largest Arab cities in March 2009 clashes erupted and dozens were wounded.

    Confrontations in Umm el-Fahm, just inside Israel's boundary with the occupied West Bank, underscore high tensions in Israel between ultra-nationalist Jews and Israel's Arab population.