Thomas and the Snowman Party - Season 14 - Thomas & Friends

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Thomas & Friends
Thomas and the Snowman Party

Written by Jessica Sandys Clarke
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn

Thomas & Friends is owned and copyright of HiT Entertainment Limited. I own nothing.


Those vans at the beginning look like the circus trucks used in Henry and the Elephant :D Glad you enjoyed it
By CartoonsandKidsTV 4 years ago
0:36 Stanley! And the vans that look like mail vans but aren't! and the breakdown coach! 2:35 The important package at Knapford is going to be the hat, I just know it!
3:18 4:00 4:45 You'd think Thomas' driver would be a little brighter than that! What nutcase goes about taking hats off platforms that don't belong to them and putting them somewhere other than the Lost and Found?
4:32 It's Mr. Bubbles' hat, I just know it. And the hat at Maron is a brass band hat, and the hat Farmer McColl's farm is Farmer McColl's! 5:58 I KNEW IT! 6:45 as usual. 9:00 Okay, not quite what I expected.
By BramGroatonDailymotion 4 years ago