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    Burning - Precipice Dance Theater

    Josh Hinck

    by Josh Hinck

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    The 2002 performance for Risa Cohen's Precipice Dance Theater at the Theater de la Jeune Lune for the art/performance party 360 : A Revolutionary Dance Party brings together the aerial artistry and sensual motion of acclaimed dancer and choreographer, Risa Cohen, and the video and partial original music of artist and musician, Josh Hinck, into a powerful lyric narrative dance performance of overcoming one's inner demons to flicker through the "Burning" as a phoenix rising to new heights of self awareness and intimacy. Choreography & Direction - Risa Cohen, Josh Hinck; Performers - Risa Cohen, Bill Gladen, Heather Prazich, John Morris; Original Music & Video - Josh Hinck; Set design - Ron Holevas, Josh Hinck