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    Angry Senior Citizens Start Greek Pensions Protest


    by NTDTelevision

    Greek pensioners protest against a planned reduction in Pension Supplements, part of the country's austerity program. Strikes and protests have been a fact of life across Greece for much of the year.

    Old age pensioners stage protests on the streets of Athens.

    The senior citizens are the latest group to rally against the Greek government's reduction of Pension Supplements.

    They rally in front of the Finance Ministry—despite the government announcing that pensioners will receive a minimum €100 euro bonus to help them cope.

    Shipyard workers even join the elderly activists at the finance ministry.

    The workers are protesting against the government's decision to sell off shipyards, stoking fears of unemployment.

    Labor groups also stage strikes across the capital.

    Then there is Athens Station at a standstill … as railway workers continue their four-day strike against plans to privatize the railroads.

    Labor action has been a fact of life for much of this year, as the government pushes forward with its economic austerity program.

    The result of municipal elections next month will be seen as a gauge of public support for the austerity measures.