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    Japan Holds Military Review Amid Rising Tensions


    by NTDTelevision

    Japan is becoming increasingly wary of concerns over North Korea's nuclear ambitions and tensions with China over disputed islands. The country's self-defense forces held a military review on Sunday.

    Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force held a military review on Sunday at a base north of Tokyo. The move comes at a time when a territorial dispute has stoked tensions with China.

    A number of government officials, including Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, attended the ceremony.

    [Naoto Kan, Prime Minister, Japan]: (male, Japanese)
    "As we look at the security environment around our country the situation is becoming increasingly harsh, as concerns rise over North Korea developing missiles and nuclear weapons, and as China modernizes its army and boosts its maritime military activities.”

    Sino-Japanese relations have been on edge since last month after Japan detained a Chinese trawler captain, whose boat collided with Japanese patrol ships near the disputed Senkaku islands.

    The military drill featured thousands of soldiers, dozens of planes, and over 240 military vehicles.