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    Edge Homegrown Talent at the London Film Festival


    by NTDTelevision

    Now, our correspondant Ben Hedges has been at the London Film Festival, finding out about a new British movie that, is quite literally, on the's more from London...

    Over the past two weeks, the London Film Festival has showcased movies from all over the world. But some homegrown talent can be found among this year's titles.

    London based director Carol Morley brings us her film entitled “Edge.” The British Film Institute arranged for us to meet her at London’s Mayfair hotel.

    [Carol Morley, Director, "Edge"]:
    “My film is about a group of characters, a desperate group of characters that arrive at a hotel, on the edge of a cliff. And they all arrive on their own, and they’re all looking to find some meaning in their life. There’s a washed up pop star, there is somebody looking to find out something that happened to her in her past. Quite dark characters in a way, but it’s quite funny, and it becomes a hopeful film. It’s a film about hope, even though it deals with quite dark things.”

    Morley’s father committed suicide when she was young, and she has drawn on her experience as inspiration for the movie.

    [Carol Morley, Director, "Edge"]:
    “I think I always wondered about the day my dad killed himself. If anybody had been there whether he could have been stopped some way, if someone had come across him. So, everyone in the film, they come on their own, but they find their counterpart and someone that makes them want to live, really.”

    To get the message of being close to the edge across, the movie was quite literally shot, well, close to the edge…

    [Carol Morley, Director, "Edge"]:
    “I found an amazing hotel on the edge of a cliff, that in 10 years wont be there anymore because the cliff is crumbling.”

    "Edge" premiered on Wednesday and is now showing in London.

    Ben Hedges, NTD News, London