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    U.S. Swimmer Dies in Open-Water Race


    by NTDTelevision

    Award-winning swimmer Francis Crippen dies from exhaustion during an open water World Cup race in the United Arab Emirates.

    An eyewitness describes the frantic search for a swimmer missing during a United Arab Emirates open water race.

    The swimmer, 26-year-old American Francis Crippen seen on the left, was later found dead.

    He was taking part in the Marathon Swimming World Cup -- a 10 kilometer race in the emirate of Fujairah.

    Police say Crippen drowned from exhaustion in his swimming position.

    Alaric Gomes, who watched the event, said the race's other swimmers searched for the missing Crippen.

    Later divers and Coast Guard boats arrived, and eventually his body was found.

    [Alaric Gomes, Eyewitness]:
    "Swimmers started weeping openly, I mean they were sad because one of theirs had gone missing and now they had found him and they knew what was obvious so, the people were consoling each other, hugging each other and people who have swum, who have gone round the world and suddenly they find that one of them is no more. It was pretty sad to see."

    Crippen came to the Fujairah race as an award-winning swimmer in both pool and open water events.

    He was aiming to compete in open water swimming at the 2012 Olympic Games.

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