Naples Garbage Dump Venue for Dispute

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Police and protesters clash for a fourth night over a garbage dump used to dispose of Naples rubbish. Some locals claim the garbage is causing cancers.
Protesters shoot fireworks at police in southern Italy as a violent garbage dispute continues for the fourth night.

Residents say a dump site and hundreds of tons of garbage lining the streets of Terzigno are endangering their health.

The head of the Civilian Protection Agency said dissenters are not helping the situation.

Guido Bertolaso, Head, Italian Civilian Prtection Agency]:
"We have, naturally, set a precondition that all the protests must immediately end before we sign any agreements. Also because these protests are partly fed by external factors, because there clearly are citizens in these municipalities who are worried and have expressed in a totally civilized, democratic and a correct way their dissent and their concern."

The dump on the outskirts of Naples opened last year as a temporary solution to the chronic garbage problem, which is exacerbated by corruption and inefficiency.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has pledged 14 million euros to upgrade the dump although authorities insist it is not a health risk.

The medical journal "Lancet Oncology" dubbed the region "the triangle of death" in 2004 because of high levels of carcinogens found in the air, soil and water.

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