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    Police Nab Mafia Boss in Sicilian Raid


    by NTDTelevision

    Italian police arrest the man thought to be the Sicilian Mafia's second-in-command.

    Italian police moving into position as a raid gets underway to capture a top mafia boss.

    Their target is 38-year-old Gerlandino Messina, who's been on the run for 11 years.

    Police catch up with him in the Sicilian town of Favara.

    Messina is widely considered to be the Sicilian Mafia's second-in-command.

    He's among Italy's 30 top fugitives, wanted for several murders and criminal association with the mafia.

    His arrest is the latest in a string of high profile raids on top mobsters by Italian police.

    According to Italy's Interior Ministry, 28 of the 30 most dangerous mob figures are now behind bars.

    But media reports say more names are regularly added to the list.

    Later at a police station, Messina waved to onlookers as he was driven away.

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