Traditionnel Tyrolien - Henri Tarquin -

James Colin
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Henri Tarquin's harmonica trio:
Les Compagnons de l'Harmonica

It's a french trio which played for about 20 years but is now separated for over 10 years. This is a CD recorded to sell at gigs and for the first time on the internet !
Henri Tarquin is giving me harmonica lessons at the moment, until I go back to Thailand. I'm sure I'll improve my playing by taking lessons once a week at his house.

Chromatic Harmonica : Henri Tarquin
Polyphonia (Chord Harmonica) : Raymond Honnorat
Bass Harmonica : Pierre-Jean Revello

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C'est vraiment très agréable d'aller faire un tour dans le grand air Tyrolien . Le paysage y est magnifique . La musique "emballe" vraiment . Merci à vous ...
Par Joel Biger il y a 4 ans