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    Legends To Come [HD]


    by DexterTrail

    The Dwarf Host, sparked to wrath by the death and defilement of patriarch of their eldest line, at last have reached the Gates of Moira. At these ancient doors they have called up on their cursed foe, Azog. A Lord of the Orcs, if one so low can claim such high a title. This war, which had for so long been fought in the deeps of the earth, has at last poured out into the light of day. And the leader of the filthy host has proven his character according to his nature; craven and cowardice wrapped in malice and hate. The axes and sword of the Duel of Azanulbizar are the roots of Legends To Come.

    My apologies to my fellow fans for merging Dain & Thorin into one character. I had a budget ($0) and this enabled us to have one less on screen character. Had a TON OF FUN making this, learned a lot and cannot wait to do it again...