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    Funny Genie NET10 commercial


    by erivo4



    @ fredafamish - do you know if Net10 will get the same Sprint friendship that sister company Straight talk got with Sprint - cause doesn't that mean Net10's coverage and signal values will become better in the busier, bigger areas of industry...or suburbia?
    By Bingoden4 years ago
    Net10 signals are carried by the top network providers AT&T and Verizon and that is why the coverage is nationwide (even in remote areas) as these networks have towers everywhere and you will not have any dropped calls.
    By fredafamish4 years ago
    I struggle some months depending on what the wife or kids need. I appreciate the flexibility NET10 offers where some months I cut back totally and in the busy season I select the unlimited offer. I need to be certain though that I can get the best signal available as I cannot miss those calls as it would be work coming in. NET10 uses Verizon and AT&T towers which explains why I always have a signal.
    By JacoocaJ5 years ago
    I was at the supermarket today and when I realized how much I was spending for food that will be gone in a week, I had a mini panic attack, finally thinking about how much I was spending on my phone each month. I'm spending over a hundred bucks a month on my unlimited contract plan when Net10 offers me the same for better coverage at half the price! their service uses verizon At&t and tmobile depending on what is strongest in your area, how amazing is that?
    By catchmeimfalling5 years ago
    irene nager
    love it all, the genie ads, the unlimited plan and my t401g from net10. since they have gone unlimited i have nothing left to wish for....all my talking, texting and web access is finally unlimited. all my concerns about high cellphone bills at month end, overages and or hidden fees are wiped away with the one smooth switch to net10 unlimited. and smooth it was. i love to be independent from my landline, so will not go without a cell phone. i use my phone a lot, and with the unlimited plan i save so much money, and now i am even considering to give up my landline, i think i could only save more, as i hardly use it, it is cheaper for me to just use my cellphone, thanks to unlimited. great deal
    By irene nager5 years ago
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