cod mw2 SPEED HACK! gameplay. + help needed. how to get ...

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Download from here : i was playing online until my friend invited me to a private match... i didnt accept the invite first but then he started to spam me! XD. so i joined him and evry1 was running realy fast! and so i got infected so, i made my own private match with a different friend. and recorded this video! :) i begg you! if you know how to do this hack, please teach me! im not going to tell the world! this is the funning ive done in cod 6!!! + important messege to IW: this hack is only avaible in private matches! so think a little bit on us before you patch this!!! this is only for fun!!! this dont hurt any1!!! instead of patching this, make a new game mode called: hack. with other game rules wich chooses the hacks! only in private matches!!!!!w fun wouldnt that be!!!!! hope you read this!