The Face of Purgatory

Bat in the Sun
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Originally completed in 2008, the film has been on the festival circuit for the past year and for the first time is making its online debut! The film predates City of Scars and was filmed directly after Patient J.

The film stars Kurt Carley (Underworld) Paul Molnar (City of Scars) and Jaimie Alexander (Thor) Original Music by Sean Schoenke Directed by Aaron Schoenke

"Before a soul is sent to heaven or hell, they must encounter the face of death in purgatory."


Belle Video :-) :)) ..
By angelgirl25 4 years ago
zu extra cool
By 6SexyMouse73 4 years ago
fuck me Jesuuuuuuuuuuus !! oooh yeah...
By omnicd 4 years ago
It's a good short movie, but it is just a movie. Purgatory only exists and holds for eternity those who place themselves there by blind belief. Any threats of eternal suffering and damnation are just oppressive scare tactics to keep people obedient. We are all a part of a loving God, and no loving God would bring us here simply to damn us to Hell if we don't follow His every word. Therefore Hell and Purgatory do not exist except when people put themselves there by power of their own belief.
By ueber 4 years ago
nice short movie.. just awesome
By da9ny 4 years ago
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