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    The Popular Podcast #298: Our First Time (Making Vegan ...

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    We talked about an elaborate set-up in which we projected awesome video on ourselves while Jessica and I and some friends made up a dance routine. Our friend has a projector, and it sounded really good in the planning stage. Buuuuut sometimes things just don't feel right, and Jessica and I have been trying to practice really feeling our way to the next action and letting everything evolve on its own. When the routine ep didn't really go down, we chilled on it for day, and then realized we had been meaning to have a 'cupcake date'! Allison's birthday episode was the perfect excuse to finally do some vegan baking! We've been talking about trying vegan cupcakes lately, but we just never really made it a priority. That's probably partially because we need to purchase a cupcake pan and partially because we were intimidated by the new process. That's what is so cool about the episode sponsorships— it makes us do things that we want to do, but maybe wouldn't normally do, or have been putting off, or maybe never even thought of. We love it! So we got to work acquiring cupcake makings, designing a poster for Allison that we can also keep hanging in our kitchen because its so beautiful, and had a little party of our own right here in Austin. We had so much fun pulling the party together; thanks again, Allison, for sponsoring this awesome episode! And Happy Birthday!