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    Julian Assange On Afghan War Logs With Larry King

    Vitruvius Technologos

    by Vitruvius Technologos

    Assange asymetrical media with Iraq warlogs latest London press conference (video) WikiLeaks announced yesterday that it intends publishing 15,000 additional secret Afghan war documents in the near future. There is no sign of Mr Assange stopping in his quest to reveal secret files. "We make a promise to our sources, who go through incredible risks sometimes to get us material, that we'll do justice to their efforts and get them the maximum political impact possible," he said in his recent interview in London. Mr. Ellsberg, who said he had flown overnight from California to attend the Iraq war logs releaseconference, described Mr. Assange admiringly as the most dangerous man in the world for challenging governments,particularly the United States. He said the WikiLeaks founder had been pursued across three continents by Western
    intelligence services comparable to Obama administration threat to prosecute Assange to his own treatment under President Richard M. Nixon.