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    First Snow of Winter & the return of the cows from pastures

    cynthia caughey

    par cynthia caughey

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    On a motorbike ride in late October, we headed up to the Massif des Bauges' mountain roads and were surprised to see the first snows on the mountains already. We were not surprised however to see the shepherds herding the cows down from the mountain pastures to the barns and valley pastures for the winter. We happened to run across it and I took video. Later we found ourselves trapped behind the cows on one of the main mountain roads. The only thing we could is to wait for a fork in the road and take the other direction whether you want to or not. The shepherds feel no need to bring the cows over into one lane to let cars pass. The same thing happens in the Spring when they are taking the cows back up to the mountain pastures. It's just part of the French Alps living....