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    192 is permission from heaven to loosen up


    by Mikeoverson

    Class 192 is that it's Life Insurance to loosen up and not be a Dudley Doright. This is ten minutes of class 15 at 3:15 hours. It's from a talk about the Bush twins, (but it obviously applies to everyone). There are many other divine revelations I got doing that 4.5 hour class but this was the easiest ten minute clip to upload. Just like the last nine minutes of #193 explains the lessons I learned from this class #192, so I made it into class #194. Permission to Loosen up part 1 is this 192 and part 2 is 194, it goes with #188 (rated R).

    I'm pretty sure this is about THE END of my classes and my blog, (best explained @

    Peace on Earth in the Bible became very possible and soon in classes 185, L110, L123 and L124. Except this song prophesied a delay

    So glad we've almost made it
    So sad they had to fade it

    Class 170:
    After seven classes on this subject it has finally soaked in that God is serious about a PEACE ON EARTH sign that I show in this class, (it was on top of a 20 story building in San Jose every Christmas). This is a serious offer that heaven is making and it can really happen if enough people hope that it is possible.

    Classes L123 & L124 are my best summary of the patriotic classes and that Peace on Earth is possible and I explained they were 90% made by heaven. When they were mocked as bad as my other classes then heaven cut off the classes they were offering through me. For no thanks, pay, respect or views on my videos I'm not surprised that heaven has finally cut off the magic. The first 8 minutes of class L5b was a warning of how these classes would be mocked away, (see ya suckers and thanks for Brer rabbit's break at THE END of classes L96, 1a1 & L94 @ Vimeo).

    Diana Ross's song TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING, (especially with her YOU'RE SO VAIN picture), might best sum up the end of these classes.