Art Show Kicks-Off in St. Petersburg, Russia

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An arts and crafts exhibit kicked-off in St. Petersburg. Hundreds of artists showcased their works, and our correspondents can show you more.

Unique art is on display from more than 250 artists from Russia and former Soviet Union countries. The works are part of an art and craft exhibition in St. Petersburg.

The organizers of the event are hoping to promote local talent.

[Alexander Platunov, Committee on Culture of St. Petersburg]:
"In a typical store bulk commodities are sold, and here there are unique things that exist in just a few copies, and some in only a single copy."

Artist Natalia Yashkina has been making paintings from birch bark for nearly 20 years. This year she has already exhibited her works twice in the Union of Artists.

She separates birch bark into very thin layers that are of different colors and shades. Birch bark is unique because it has natural patterns which are impossible to replicate.

[Natalia Yashkina, Artist]:
"I'm good at making autumn scenes... why? Because I collect this rich pallet of colors and show people that bark is far from boring, it's not just brown and beige. It's so rich in color."

This fashion collection is made of wool felt. Artist Uliana Udintseva uses soap and water to create her works.

[Uliana Udintseva, Artist]:
"This is a coat made mainly from flax. Linen is interesting because it preserves the pattern well in contrast to silk."

Potters have also created ceramic works. Some have used the pottery methods of the monks of Valaam. They believe that people need these natural products.

[Pavel Afanasiev, Potter]:
"These are our grandparents who were holding this jug. It is an irreplaceable object when it is passed to the next generation. It is kind of thread that connects us with that generation. It's great, it's creative."

At one stand animal figures were presented - all kinds of them, and every one unique.

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