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    Toyota Recalls Cars in Belgium


    by NTDTelevision

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    Toyota will recall more than 1 million cars worldwide, including 13 hundred in Belgium. Customers have reported brake and fuel pump problems.

    On Thursday, Toyota Motor Corp announced that it will recall and repair about 1.53 million Avalon and other vehicles globally, for problems with the brake master cylinder seal and fuel pump wiring.

    [Etienne Plas, Toyota Senior Manager for Corporate Communications]:
    "We received a small number of reports from our customers, from our retailers stating that in some vehicles the brake warning alarm light would go on. So we have investigated that and discovered that the type of brake fluid used could in some cases cause a problem."

    Most of those to be recalled are in the U.S., Japan and China. However, over 1300 cars have been recalled in Belgium alone.

    The company's image is not the first concern.

    [Etienne Plas, Toyota Senior Manager for Corporate Communications]:
    "The first concern we have is to work for our customers that is a first class service and therefore they want to have a quality vehicle and that's what we keep committing to provide them and if we discover any issue even the smallest issue then basically what we do is we act to correct it as fast possible."

    Toyota, the world's biggest automaker, has already recalled more than 10 million vehicles in the past year, mostly for unintended acceleration, denting its reputation for quality and attracting intense scrutiny from U.S. safety regulators.