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    Floods Kill 17 in Northern Thailand


    by NTDTelevision

    On Friday, Thai authorities said 17 people had been killed from floods since the beginning of October.

    The floods have spread to another 28 provinces in the north and northeast, cutting-off roads and railways and forcing thousands of people to move to higher ground.

    Some areas could remain flooded for several weeks because heavy rain has led to high water levels in reservoirs.

    Excess water from the reservoirs in the north is flowing down to the low-lying land in central Thailand.

    The Chao Phraya River that winds through Bangkok, could burst its banks in the next few days.

    Authorities say things could get back to normal by mid-November, if rain is not too heavy between now and then.

    The rainy season in the center and north of the country normally runs from mid-May to late September or October, but it started late this year and is ending later.