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    Nadine Coyle on Girls Aloud rift rumours


    by ODN


    Nadine Coyle has opened up about the rumours that she has become distant from her Girls Aloud bandmates.

    For months there have been reports that she and the rest of the girls - Cheryl, Nicola, Kimberely and Sarah - have apparently drifted apart.

    There have also been comparisons between Nadine and Cheryl for both launching solo careers. But newly-engaged Nadine says it does not bother her:

    "Not at all. It's just because we were in a band together for so long. People are like, 'You used to be together and now one's doing a single and one's doing a single.' It's no big deal as long as it's all done in good fun then there's no harm done."

    25-year-old Nadine has also reflected on her time with Girls Aloud and reflected on the highs and lows:

    "Highs would definitely be the very beginning when it was all new. All the ambition, all the drive. Five girls thrown together. None of us had any experience.

    "Lows is knowing that we had done it for eight years and how did that time fly by so quickly? But it was great... great memories."

    And despite the rumours, it seems Nadine is not ruling out all five of them appearing on stage together again one day:

    "I think we could... definitely. I think we could if everybody wanted to and we were all on the same page, then we definitely could."