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    Typhoon Megi continues trail of destruction


    by ODN


    A rescue operation is underway in Taiwan to free more than 400 people trapped on a highway from landslides triggered by Typhoon Megi.

    It is thought over 20 people are still missing after more than 20 vehicles became trapped on the 112.1 kilometre mark of the Suhua Provincial Highway.

    The landslides caused a 500 metres long section of the road to sink by about 20 metres and two of the buses were buried in the landslides.

    Local media reported that Typhoon Megi was continuing its northward track towards the Taiwan Strait but its strength was weakening.

    Hong Kong and Southern China are expecting the Typhoon next and began returning fishing vessels to ports and oil terminals.

    This is thought to be one of the biggest typhoons to threaten the South China coast in years.

    On the tropical resort island of Hainan, vulnerable to heavy flooding, as many as 200,000 people had been evacuated from low-lying areas along with another 150,000 from the southeastern coastal province of Fujian.

    Typhoon Megi, which killed 19 people in the Philippines, looks set to make landfall east of Hong Kong at the weekend.