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    Australian girls raped and murdered in Japan 2-2


    by Jackinthepipe

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    Every year, thousands of Western girls head for Tokyo, where they're easy prey for rich Japanese men. Killers like cannibal Issei Sagawa or Joji Obara target mainly foreigners.

    "I really wanted to eat her. She looked very delicious," confides Japan's most notorious cannibal, Issei Sagawa. Twenty years ago, he murdered and ate a French student. Protected by his wealthy father, he escaped prison and regularly trawls the bars of Tokyo. The murder of British hostess Lucy Blackman revealed just how dangerous working in Tokyo can be. Leading suspect, Joji Obara, filmed himself drugging and raping more than 150 girls. Worryingly, he's not the only rapist targeting foreign hostesses. "Sexual violation to a hostess would happen every night," alleges nightclub worker Rob Cox. He claims Tokyo's police are in the pay of the Mafia. "The police and Mafia work hand in hand to make sure the sex industry keeps spinning."