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    Burmese Video (9): "Ar-Yone-Oo-Mar SHOCK Shi-Tae"

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    Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) is embarking on media campaign so as to encourage everyone's participation working for democratisation of Burma. Media play important role to restore democracy in Burma so that Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) is producing the video, "Ar-Yone-Oo-Mar SHOCK Shi-Tae", to share with all the people inside Burma so that they can have the opportunity to see two different perspectives compare with junta's propaganda video, Ar-Yone-Oo-Mar-Phu-Tae-Kyar which is full of wrong information".

    In the video, there will be the information regarding why we should boycott junta's planned sham election which will be held on 7 November 2010. Addition, there will be more information about junta's unilaterally adopted sham constitution and why we must collectively lobby international governments including UNSC to to declare military entrenching constitution as NULL & VOID. This is part of the answer for Burma crisis.