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    Massive marijuana bonfire in Mexico


    by ODN


    Mexican troops have burnt 134 tonnes of marijuana in the largest pot haul ever in the country's history.

    Authorities had confiscated what they thought were 105 tonnes of the drug in the northern border city of Tijuana.

    However, after recounting the seizure, the final weight of the huge consignment was 134.2 tonnes. It is thought the drugs were bound for the United States.

    In a clear message to drug traffickers across the country, journalists were invited to the two-day burning ceremony. Authorities will also be hoping that the images reassure the Mexican public who have been effected by the country's drug wars.

    Heavily armed soldiers raided a series of homes in a poor suburb of Tijuana, across the border from San Diego and came under fire at least once as they took the drugs. They also arrested 11 suspected traffickers.