David Mitchell rants about Beer


by DavidMitchellSoapbox


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I used to drink beer.
There are things on this world that do nothing but waste yours and my money and beer is at the top.
I don't know if you smoke, but smoking is the same, beer and smoking, both give you a system for drugging you and your convinced there is no harm until your liver gives out or you end up with cancer.
And people are making money from these things and on the other hand we get told they are bad for us, we never listen and we keep doing it saying all the time, no it will never get me, I"m not an alcoholic or i don't smoke a lot or anything that convinces ourselves it's OK when it's not at all.
I no longer wake up the next day feeling like my brain was invaded by a cheese grater, no longer have a bad cough from smoking and have my pockets full of money that I don't piss away or ceremoniously burn every 5 minutes of the day, and feel like my life has been given back to me.
My life is now as creamy as all heck.
By Frank blackcrow 3 years ago