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    John Dingell for Congress District 15


    by robsteeleforcongress

    DITCH DINGELL!!! The video took place last year during the Town Hall discussions on Health Care. Dingell tried to conduct a secret session but fed up constituents packed the hall (and outside). Dingell later went on to say that the angry protestors were being paid for by the insurance Companies. LOL. I'm still waiting for the check! This was held at the very start of the Tea Party Movement. From Supporter Matt P.

    DINGELL HAS PROFITED FROM THE POLITICAL SYSTEM!!! John Dingell has the gall to slam Dr. Steele for getting rich off the broken health care system when Mr. Dingell has profited, for FIFTY FIVE YEARS, from the even-more-broken political system. From Supporter Gail P.