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    John Dingell vs. Dr. Robert Steele 2010 Elections MI State


    by robsteeleforcongress

    NORMAL PERSON LIKE THE REST OF US!!! Dr. Robert Steele will be REPEALING the horrific Dingell/Pelosi/Reid takeover of our broken healthcare system. Dr. Steele is not a career politician. He is a business man, and normal person just like the rest of us who have striven to get to where we are in our lives'. He knows what we need to survive in this economy. Being a husband and father himself, he is very concerned for our children's well-being for today, and the future. John Dingell has single-handedly destroyed his own campaign by simply... doing what Dingell does. On that note, Dr. Steele has a positively effective prescription ready to flush our state's government of this nasty cold it's had throughout its system for far too long. It's time to ditch Dingell and bring in our solution, Dr. Rob Steele!