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    Dr. Robert Steele vs. John Dingell on Taxes District 15 MI


    by robsteeleforcongress

    SAVES LIVES REGULARLY! Rob Steele is not a Wall Steet Yes Man, he was raised in rural MI, attended schools locally, created jobs locally and saves lives regularly. I'm supporting Dr.Steele because his career skills of problem solving, accountability and transparency will serve us well in Congress. From Supporter Megan E.

    THE RIGHT MAN TO GET THE JOB DONE!!! Dr. Robert Steele has proven through his life and career that he knows how to create jobs, and keep them in our state. Our state citizens are losing their careers, and moving away to other states. That is a major issue in Michigan that we need resolved, and Rob is undoubtedly the right man to get the job done. He is a man who will stick to his word and work above and beyond to make things right. Out-of-control spending, back-room deals, and career politicians are only a few of our problems that he will be stopping.