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    John Dingell vs Dr. Robert Steele for MI State Representati


    by robsteeleforcongress

    DINGELL LIES ABOUT DR. STEELE! Dr. Robert Steele: Earning your own way is the American way. John Dingell wants everyone to turn to the government for everything - that way he can control the people. Remember that tell all statement by Dingell? It'll take time to control the people. How many of you out there want to be controlled by the likes of the John Dingells and the left wing extremists in this country? It's unfortunate that a man such as John Dingell resorts to personal smears and lies about Dr. Robert Steele. . . . and make no mistake - they are lies.

    DR. STEELE IS JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED!! The present governing body under John Dingell plunges us deeper into debt and reduces our freedoms further as they take away more of our liberty to make our own choices. We must stop this now with our choices at the polls and elect those who stand for the qualities that our foundi