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    Elections to Bring an End to Monkey Business in Saharsa, Ind


    by NTDTelevision

    Villagers in India's Bihar state say when they hit the polls later this week, one thing is on their minds... putting a stop to marauding monkeys. The monkeys are totally out of control in the region.

    Elections are coming up in India's eastern Bihar state and locals say they will only vote for those who will protect them from marauding monkeys.

    According to the locals, monkeys have created havoc for them and have destroyed a large portion of their harvests.

    [Mohan, Farmer]: (Hindi male)
    "Around 15-16 villages are affected by the monkey menace in this district. Farming is our main source of income but these monkeys are creating so much trouble, they come and eat the harvest and spoil our crops. Monkeys have literally destroyed everything in the fields. They don't just stick to the fields, they also enter our homes, snatch food from us and run away."

    It appears monkeys will now decide the fortune of the candidates in Saharsa district.

    [Pankaj, Local Villager]: (Hindi) male
    "We have collectively decided that this year we will only vote for the candidate who promises to get rid of the monkeys and gives us a written document stating the same."

    Bihar will elect a new 243 seat assembly in what is expected to be a stiff battle for power.