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    Michigan State Representative District 15 Robert Steele


    by robsteeleforcongress

    HARD WORKING AMERICAN!!! Dr. Robert Steele is not your average politician. Rob is a hard working American, who's success is a product of hard work and initiative. As a doctor, he understands the devastating impact Dingell-Care will have on our nation's health system. Dr. Steele agrees with Congressman John Dingell that cap and trade is merely a massive tax increase on all Americans... But unlike the congressman, Dr. Steele does not support pushing the remaining manufacturing jobs in Michigan overseas through policies that make the state uncompetitive with foreign countries.

    Steele knows how to run a business!! According to Dingell's own words, No Cures for Michigan. This is not the Vision I want from my representative. Dr. Steele knows how to create jobs in Michigan, run a business in Michigan, and lives his life in Michigan. Although Mr. Dingell penned the Health Care Bill that he