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    Dr. Robert Steele vs John Dingell Education 2010 Elections


    by robsteeleforcongress

    MR. DINGELL HAS GOOFED!!!! According to Dingell's own words, No Cures for Michigan. This is not the Vision I want from my representative. Dr. Steele knows how to create jobs in Michigan, run a business in Michigan, and lives his life in Michigan. Although Mr. Dingell penned the Health Care Bill that he will never use, Dr. Steele knows more about the health care business than Mr. Dingell, whom has never had to pay for his own health care. Mr. Dingell has goofed too many times for Michigan. It's time for Mr. Dingell to retire. Over the past 50+ years that Mr. Dingell has been in Congress, we have seen the continual decline of the Detroit area. District 15 is in critical condition and the Dingell NO CURES plan will flat line our area in no time. Retire Dingell. VOTE for Dr. Steele, a person with a true vision for Michigan. From Supporter Cathy M. M.