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    Dr. Robert Steele for Congress District 15


    by robsteeleforcongress

    I AM SUPPORTING DR. ROB! Dr Rob Steele is not a career politician but the epitome of the American Dream, through hard work we was able to build a successful career and a business. The attacks on his wealth are attacks on hard work. What he has is a result of his efforts not living off the government payroll. I am supporting Dr Rob so that we can send a citizen to Congress and retire a life long inside the belt pol who somehow became rich in his government job. From Supporter Nick M.

    DEMS: POOR LEADERSHIP!! The Dems have nothing positive to say, so they sling mud and hope it sticks. The ignorant might buy this, but we Michigan residents have learned too much the hard way about the cost of poor leadership. Time to retire the old guard like Dingell, who have done nothing for Michigan in the past decade. From Supporter Roger T.