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    Brazil Superbug Outbreak Kills 15


    by NTDTelevision

    An antibiotic-resistant bacteria has emerged in Brazilian hospitals. 15 people have died so far and authorities fear the infection may spread. Here's more.

    An outbreak of a drug-resistant bacteria at hospitals in Brazil's capital has killed 15 people and infected 135, according to a report issued by Brasilia's Secretary of Health.

    The bacteria, known as KPC, is resistant to most of the common antibiotics on the Brazilian market, including penicillin, confirmed the National Health Surveillance Agency.

    The organism has been identified in 16 public and private hospitals,with the number of cases increased steeply in the past weeks. 48 people are currently hospitalized.

    Most vulnerable to the infection are patients with low immunity, including those who have been hspitalized for a long time and those who have recently undergone surgery.

    The country's health minister says there were human causes for the outbreak.

    [Jose Gomes Temporao, Brazil Health Minister]:
    "Self-medication, irresponsible consumption and bad prescriptions are responsible for situations like this.”

    Temporao stated that a new regulation for the purchase of antibiotics, due to be established by December, will prevent another epidemic like this occuring in the future.

    In an effort to avoid the bacteria from spreading, health agents advised doctors and hospital staff to increase hygiene methods.